Race Director George Nelsen offers the following information and advice to all 24 Hour Runners.

Welcome to runners from all over the East Coast.

  1. Go as you please, at your own pace until 7AM Sunday: run, walk, rest, sleep. Based on experience, I recommend frequent rest breaks. If you do stop, either temporarily, or for good, tell the lap counters. This is especially important later in the day when runners start to fatigue.
  2. Lap counters are provided by the race. It is your responsibility to notify the lap counter of your name and that you have completed a lap each time your cross the lap marker. Lap counters are volunteers and will change frequently. It is your responsiblity to make sure that your laps are correctly recorded.
  3. Eat, eat, eat (with salt) and drink, drink, drink.
  4. Medical assistance is on call, via a park ranger or 911. You are responsible for tending to yourself, your own blisters, scrapes, and aches and pains associated with ultra-running. If you feel that you need assistance, ask.
  5. The trail is clearly marked with cones, signs and chemlights after dark. There is a water stop at the halfway point. DO NOT LITTER ALONG THE TRAIL.
  6. Relay runners, who are typically running at a very fast pace, must give priority to ultra runners on the trail. “Relay teams” can only have one team member on the course at a time. Most teams are “total mileage teams,” and may have any number of team members on the course at the same time.
  7. Some general park rules - speed limit is 15 mph inside the park. The park is open for business during the race so there will be non-runners on the trails. The race has been granted 24 hour use of the nature center restrooms during the race. PLEASE KEEP THEM CLEAN AND TIDY. There is no camping except by permit of Sandy Bottom Park. There is no parking for campers or RV's.
  8. Tend to small issues before they become large ones. Change your socks frequently, take care of your feet and monitor blisters and scrapes.
  9. The race will be providing SOME food and drink. Various local businesses donate refreshments. In the past we have received pizzas, subs, etc. There are no guarantees on any type or quantity of refreshments. Please bring your own food and beverage, especially if you have preferences.

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